Homemade Blanche Sauce

Blanche sauce (White sauce) is part of our family of cold emulsified August & Henri sauces. White sauce is one of the most versatile sauces: very creamy and very smooth in texture. The taste is delicious and very fresh thanks to the crunchy pickles and a touch of mustard. Herbs complete the taste sensation!

The recipe

At August & Henri we create the flavors of yesteryear. Recipes are developed and improved over time and it continues from generation to generation. We create the white sauce as we did at home.

Of course you are the chef in your own kitchen! Create your own homemade white sauce with August & Henri mayonnaise as a base. By adding fresh pickles or cucumbers and a touch of chopped parsley, you can give your signature to white sauce! Adventurers can also add Greek yogurt for a Mediterranean touch or tahini (sesame paste) for an oriental touch.

More information

If you need inspiration for your dishes, check out our ideas for kebabs, tacos, sandwiches, salads and fish with white sauce here.

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